Beeketing Marketing Automation

Beeketing Marketing Automation

Compatible With: Community 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

Tech Specifications

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Stable Build
20 April, 2018
Extensions, Marketing
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MIT License (MIT)


Boost conversion rate & sales with 10+ robust tools: upsell & cross-sell, email marketing, coupon popup, countdown timer, product recommendation, etc.


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This extension is designed and developed by Beeketing - a Marketing Automation platform for eCommerce websites. We dedicate our extension to optimizing conversion rates and increasing sales for online businesses. Find out more about Beeketing solutions.

After installing this extension, you will be required to create a free Beeketing account to connect your Magento store with Beeketing platform. The extension is lightweight: you will manage all settings in the cloud so the extension takes minimum resources from your website.

The extension is free and comes with a lot of free features, but some premium features will require additional subscription charges. Details about free trials and subscription fees can be found here.


Built to seamlessly integrate with Magento, Beeketing is an essential marketing automation extension to supercharge sales growth for Magento stores.

There are 10+ apps (free & premium) that help you recover abandoned carts, boost conversion and sales, including: upsell & cross-sell, free gifts & coupons giveaway, frequently bought together recommendation sliders, email marketing, email popups, cart abandonment push notifications, social proof widgets,... and many more.


Boost Sales | Upsell & Cross-sell

Highlight: Increase average order value by upselling and cross-selling

  • Upsell higher-priced or related alternatives & Cross-sell product bundles

  • Offer discount to motivate customers accept upsell & cross-sell offers

  • Upsell more relevant products customers want to buy, based on their cart items, right before checkout

  • Smart algorithms automatically generate personalized recommendations based on store’s sales history and customers' behaviors

Checkout Boost | Free gift & Coupon Promotions

Highlight: Increase checkout rate and prevent cart abandonment by running special incentive offers; Generate social referral traffic via social network sharing

  • Customers buy specific products or spend X amount to get a free gift, discount or free shipping code

  • Ask customers to share their cart on Facebook / Twitter to receive a discount code / free shipping / free gift. When customers share their cart to social network, they bring more social referral traffic to your store.

  • Add a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency for your incentive offer: urge customers to take the offer before time runs out

  • Run exit-intent incentive offer to target cart abandoning visitors, encourage them to finish checkout to get rewards.

  • Post-purchase Upsell offer: after customers finish their purchase, offer customer a discount / free-shipping code and upsell more items to motivate repeat purchase

Personalized Recommendation | Frequently Bought Together Sliders

Highlight: Add related product recommendation sliders on any website pages

  • Add related product sliders anywhere on your website to recommend more product choices to customers

  • Types of related product recommendation: Frequently Bought Together, Recently Viewed, Featured Recommendations, Best Sellers of Store, Recommendations Based on Cart, Handpicked Products Just For You

  • Auto-recommendation: smart built-in advanced algorithms analyze store’s historical data and customer shopping patterns to generate the best recommendations

  • Custom recommendation: create cross-selling rules for the app to “handpick” products to recommend when customers view a specific products or collection

  • Customizable design to make product sliders match into store’s theme

  • Beautifully responsive on desktop and mobile devices

Mailbot | Automated Email Marketing

Highlight: Send personalized follow up emails to recover abandoned carts, engage and retain loyal customers. A perfect alternative to Mailchimp focusing on increasing sales for eCommerce.

  • Pre-designed email campaigns with carefully written content, customized with your name, title, store domain, logo, social media

  • Newsletter Bot plans, drafts and schedules weekly newsletters that are personalized to each customer based on their interests and behavior on store

  • Tools for you to set up product recommendation rules, date & time to schedule, subject line and template libraries to help Mailbot build perfect campaigns

  • Segment customers into targeted groups so you can send tailored content that is relevant to them.

  • Browse Abandonment & Cart Abandonment campaigns to recover abandoned sales and lost customers

  • Nurture loyal customers by sending welcome email from store’s founder and rewarding coupons for repeat customers

  • Promote New Arrivals, Featured Recommendations, and Products that can be bought again

Sales Pop | Recent Sales Notifications

Highlight: Show recent sales notifications to create the sense of a busy store, build brand trust, and motivate new visitors to star adding items to cart.

  • Show “Rachel from San Francisco has just bought Jersey T-shirt 5 mins ago” notification popup when there is a sales

  • Auto sync with your store’s sales data to turn sales into notification in real time

  • Got no sales yet but want to create the sense of a busy store? Create custom notifications for products you want to promote as hot sellers

  • Design notification themes, position so they display perfectly on your store

Better Coupon Box | Turn Visitors into Subscribers & Followers

Highlight: A beautiful welcome popup to turn new visitors into email subscribers & social followers.

  • Grow email list by 400%+ per month and boost social followers

  • Increase sales by motivating new customers to start buying with a coupon code

  • Prevent cart abandonment with exit-intent popups

  • Design beautiful popups that match your store’s look & feel

Countdown Cart | Sales Countdown, Low Stock Indicator, Social Proof

Highlight: Create the sense of urgency, scarcity, and strong social proof to push customers to make spontaneous purchases.

  • Sales Countdown: displays a countdown timer under the product description to create a sense of urgency that the promotion is about to end soon and that customers should buy right away before time runs out.

  • Stock countdown: shows that only a limited number of items are left in stock for any product on your store. When customers see that only a few items are left, they are more encouraged to make spontaneous purchase.

  • Social proof: shows, in real time, the number of visitors who have viewed your products and the number of items sold. It creates a positive influence on customers that your products are highly popular and selling out quickly, builds trust on your brand and strengthens their confidence to buy.

  • Highly customizable in terms of message, design, display position and time, etc. so the widgets match with your store’s design

Mobile Converter | Increase Mobile Conversion & Sales

Highlight: Optimize shoppers’ user experience on your mobile web to boost mobile conversion rate and sale

  • Add a fixed bar with Add-to-cart button on the top/bottom of mobile screen while customers scroll up/down the screen.

  • Show a full-screen gallery view of product images so that customers can have the most detailed visual look of your products on mobile

Quick Facebook Chat | Messenger Live Chat Widget

Highlight: Implement an instant Facebook chat tool on the site so customers can send messages directly to your page Messenger on the store.

  • Chat and support customers via Facebook Messenger accounts right on your store.

  • Make the response time quick and keep the customers happy.

  • Monitor the messages from any computer or phone with Facebook.

  • Reduction in phone calls and emails.


  1. Get the extension for FREE on Magento Marketplace and install it into your website. (Refer to this article that details 2 different ways to install this extension into a Magento 2 website)

  2. You will be requested to connect your store to Beeketing external service by creating a free account with us (it takes 15 seconds and is totally free!)

  3. Once your account is set up, you will have access to the extension admin dashboard where you manage all Beeketing apps. 


We offer technical & marketing support fast and efficiently. We will answer within 1-3 business days upon receiving your support request. Get in touch with us here


Beeketing pioneered marketing automation in full service for eCommerce sellers. With a focus on increasing conversion rates and sales for eCommerce stores, we provide a complete package of tools and solutions that automate the marketing and sales strategies: email marketing, up-selling & cross-selling, promotion campaigns management, product recommendation....and many more. 

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.0 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Submit version 1.0.0 for marketing review


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