Custom Stock Status

Custom Stock Status

by Amasty
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Compatible With: Community 2.1, 2.2 Enterprise 2.1, 2.2

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Stable Build
07 June, 2018
Extensions, Shipping & Fulfillment, Order Management (OMS)


Grab customers’ attention with "speaking" product stock statuses and assign them to different product types either automatically or manually.

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Looking for an easy-to-use tool to expand default stock status functionality? With the Custom Stock Status extension you can create an unlimited number of custom stock statuses and easily assign them to products either manually or automatically. Let customers get subscribed to stock alerts to be timely informed once the product comes back to stock. Display stock quantity, show products that are currently out of stock and create any specific status according to your needs.

Communicate with customers through stock statuses

Show stock quantity, display out-of-stock-products and other product statuses that will definitely enhance shopping experience in your Magento store. You can also manage statuses for negative stock.

Ability to automatically indicate date in custom stock statuses

Use {tomorrow}, {day-after-tomorrow} and {yesterday} variables in stock statuses to display the date when the products will be available.

Assign stock statuses to products either automatically or manually

Automatically show stock quantity with the dynamic quantity range based statuses, like 'Low' for 1-10 items, 'Medium' for 11-99 products and so on. You can specify quantity ranges and a stock status for each range. If you would like to set status manually for any of the products - such option is also available.

‘Out of stock’ subscription for options of configurable products

Customers can sign up to get notified when 'out of stock' options of configurable products become available again.

Automatic selection of attributes if only one option is available

The extension will automatically select value for the attributes which have only one option available. For example, there is a cap which has three colors to choose from. When a customer chooses a color with only one size available, the extension will automatically select the size.

Create unlimited number of custom stock statuses

You can have a separate custom stock status for each inventory situation like "coming soon", "shipped in 3 days" etc.

Show stock status in a shopping cart

Display products' stock statuses and quantity in the shopping cart to motivate customers to complete the order and increase sales.

Properly inform customers about stock situation

If customers see only out of stock products, they get no idea when the product will become available again. If you show something like ‘Arrives on March 20’, customers will know that a product will be in stock soon and will get back to you.

Flexible quantity-based statuses for different product groups

Show the same product status, e.g. 'Running out soon', for different stock levels, depending on the group the product belongs to. Let's say Product A is sold fast and you need to show status 'Running out soon' for it when it reaches quantity of 100 or less. Product B is sold a lot slower and status 'Running out soon' suits it only when it reaches the quantity of 10 or less. So now you can use the same status for different quantity levels of different products.

Edit custom stock statuses for many products at once

The extension is fully compatible with 'Update Attributes' feature, so you can set the same status for as many products as you need in just a few clicks.

Supports any product types

You can show stock levels for simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, downloadable and bundled products. With configurable product the statuses can be displayed not only for the main products, but also for each option in the dropdown. With bundled and grouped products the status can be shown both for the main products and the associated ones.

Make 'Out of stock' combinations of configurable products visible to customers

Customers will know that usually you offer more options than currently in stock. With the help of custom status you will be able to inform them of when the options will become available. 'Add to cart' button is not displayed for 'out of stock' options of configurable products, if backorders are not allowed.

Ability to indicate product quantity in custom stock statuses

Use {qty} variable within stock status text to display product quantity in the status. For example 'Hurry up! Only {qty} left in stock!'

Replace stock status of the main configurable product with the status of the selected simple product

Manage stock by replacing the statuses of configurable products with the statuses of selected simple products on the product page, once customers make their selections. This way customers see the statuses of the products they are buying. Also the selected simple product status is displayed in shopping cart.

Use nice-looking icons to show custom stock statuses

You are free to either combine icons with text or to use only images. Images will help you to liven up the text; pictures catch people's attention a lot better and often don't need to be translated.

Use HTML tags for your statuses

With the extension you can easily use HTML tags for your custom stock statuses.

Custom stock statuses display options

  1.  Show custom statuses either together with the standard Magento ones, e.g. 'Out of Stock. Coming soon', or replace them - just show 'Coming soon'
  2.  Show custom stock statuses on category, search results and product view pages

Get full support of backorders

The extension fully supports and does not conflict with native inventory control functionality. Also you can set special statuses for items being ordered in advance (e.g. 'Ships in 2 weeks', etc), this way your customers will be better informed and will have a lot more confidence for placing orders.

Use 'Text field' and 'Date' attributes in custom stock statuses

You can add attribute codes to statuses to create messages like 'Back in stock on {eta}'. On front end the code will be replaced with the attribute value specified for this product.

'Mouse over' text for stock status icons

You can specify the text, which will be displayed, when customers hover mouse over a status icon.



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  • Compatible with CE: 2.1 2.2
  • Compatible with EE: 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Compatibility improvement for JS


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Minor bugfixes


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