Custom Product Designer

Custom Product Designer

Compatible With: Community 2.1, 2.2

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Stable Build
06 June, 2018
Extensions, Content & Customizations, Personalization & Experience Management
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 Create custom designed pens, mugs, T-shirts, envelopes, and phone cases. Set flexible prices for customized goods. Lightweight and intuitive UI. Won't slow down Magento.

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Custom Product Designer is a lightweight and mobile-friendly extension that lets your users create and order unique prints for any product you can think of: pens, T-shirts, mugs, coasters, phone cases, or gift cards. Unchain user creativity through a fast, responsive custom design tool. Custom Product Designer is ideal for driving more sales at a fast-paced printing shop or augmenting your web store with new functionality.

Allow your website visitors to create and buy custom designed stationery, gadgets, accessories, boxes, gifts, and souvenirs.


Discover Unlimited Selection of Customizable Products

You decide what objects you would like to make customizable. The extension empowers users to print on any surface they want. Make a set of branded stationery for a marketing campaign or print matching clothes for your hometown team – possibilities are endless.


Among the endless list of available products:

  • Pens, pencils, brushes, and other stationery

  • USB flash drives and phone cases

  • Coffee mugs and tea cups

  • T-shirts, hoodies, sleeveless shirts, and jackets

  • Boxes, coasters, envelopes, and gift cards


Adopt Exciting 360-Degree Printing Capabilities

Allow your customers to create prints wherever they like. CPD supports multiple printing areas and multiple sides of the product.

Whether they prefer the sides, the front, or the back – you now can offer them a flexible way to print on all sides at once creating a unique and cool design with minimal effort.


Increase Average Order Value

A one-of-a-kind design is a premium option that can be priced accordingly. Experiment with built-in flexible pricing for custom designed products. Easily choose the markup for a single product or a group of products at once.


Embrace a Fast-Paced Printing Process

Zero downtime means larger workloads and no compromises on quality. Speed up all printing jobs with a well-thought-out and optimized workflow.

  • Auto-convert user files into printer-friendly SVGs

  • Download print-ready design files in one click

  • Provide contractors with all they need to easily outsource printing jobs


Capture Mobile Users With Responsive Design

Convert mobile visitors into paying customers by offering superb user experience.

Built with HTML5 and JavaScript, Custom Product Designer is one of the most versatile multiplatform extensions on the market.

Mobile and tablet users enjoy the same functionality as if they were using the desktop version. We made sure user experience is impeccable no matter what platform your customers prefer.


Let Their Imagination Fly Wild

Custom Product Designer is built with HTML5 and JavaScript. One of our goals was to make it extremely fast and lightweight. That’s why we went Flash-free and used the minimum amount of third-party libraries in our work.

A small size and a smart extension architecture led to a fast, dependable extension with great functionality.


Custom Product Designer Demos


Why Choose Aitoc Extensions

- Free email support for life

- Free updates for life

- Free 30-minute development support credit

- 25 days money-back guarantee

- Fully GDPR compliant products


Release Notes

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  • Compatible with CE: 2.1 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Ver. 1.3.2 - Released June 6, 2018
    Fixed: Zip archives with ready for print files is not generated in some cases;


  • Compatible with CE: 2.1
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    Ver. 1.3.1 - Released April 11, 2018
    Fixed: Zip archives with ready for print files is not generated in some cases;
    Fixed: Cliparts and fonts grids are not working on magento 2.1.2

    Ver. 1.2.0 - Released November 16, 2017
    Added possibility to reset all customization changes in one click;
    Added preview thumbnails for product images;
    Added loading screen for customization's final saving process.

    Ver. 1.1.0 - Released October 20, 2017
    Added compatibility with Magento Open Source 2.2;
    Added possibility to make custom product design options required;
    Added possibility to deny distortion of objects;
    Added possibility to limit text length;
    Improved fonts upload;
    Improved clip arts upload;
    Improved structure of downloadable archive;
    Original images used for a custom product design option are now added to downloadable archive;
    Fixed an issue with the ‘Customize your pictures and areas’ setting when there are no product images assigned to a thumbnail role;
    Fixed an issue with the responsive design;
    Fixed a design issue for a product with a custom option;
    Fixed an issue with adding a product to cart with an empty custom product design option;
    Fixed an issue with the overall price displaying incorrectly when it is enabled and set to 0;
    Fixed an issue with duplicates of images in downloadable archive containing custom product design when an order contains a configurable product;
    Fixed an issue with downloading the archive with custom product design from invoice or shipment page;
    Fixed an issue with renaming of the ‘Custom Product Design’ button;
    Fixed an issue with image slider on mobile devices;
    Fixed an issue with deletion of text objects while editing in the canvas;
    Fixed an issue with intersecting printable areas;
    Fixed an issue with distortion of printable area borders when resizing printable area.

    Ver. 1.0.0 - Released September 12, 2017
    The extension is out of beta!

    Ver. 0.9.0 - Released September 7, 2017
    Fixed an issue with the indexing;
    Fixed an issue with configuration of content design.

    Ver. 0.8.0 - Released August 30, 2017
    Added support of configurable products;
    Fixed an issue with setting up an additional area when touching the first area;
    Adapted a size of preview pop up;
    Fixed an issue with opening bundle/grouped products;
    Fixed an issue with editing cpd option;
    Fixed an issue with adding a product to the cart when an object isn't added to a first image;
    Fixed an issue with assign simple products to configurable, bundle and grouped products.

    Ver. 0.2.1 - Released August 21, 2017
    Fixed compilation issues.

    Ver. 0.2.0 - Released August 18, 2017
    Added a feature of preview display on the order page in customer accounts;
    Fixed the issue with stretching editable area in any direction on the product page;
    Fixed the issue with preview display in shopping cart on the frontend;
    Fixed the issue with preview display on the order page on the admin side;
    Fixed the issue with preview display in shopping cart dropdown on the frontend.

    Ver. 0.1.9 - Released August 11, 2017
    Beta-version is available.The extension is released!


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