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2.2, 2.3
Commerce using on prem (EE)
2.2, 2.3
Commerce on Cloud (ECE)

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Stable Build
05 March, 2020
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With this extension, merchants are able to create their own refer-a-friend programs. It allows you to generate new sales and ramp your customer base up.

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The Refer a Friend extension for Magento 2 is developed for launching and management refer-a-friend programs. With this module, customers are able to start their referral programs right from the dedicated ‘Refer a Friend’ section in their accounts.

The main idea implemented is to make customer referral activity profitable for both merchants and their customers. In this light, shoppers invite their friends to make purchases sharing a specially created link or applying sharing icons. Thus, the more new shoppers visit a store and finalize their purchases the more rewards brand advocates obtain.

Such a way of customer referral activity arrangement encourages accelerating sales, enhancing customer loyalty, increasing brand awareness, and attracting new clients. 


Business Value 

The Refer a Friend extension for Magento 2 is a well-organized functionality for motivating customers to recommend the purchased products to their friends, family members, and social network and earn rewards for further shopping. By the way, such a way of customer activity arrangement is a win-win option for both clients and store owners, as the module allows vendors to:

  • push up sales considering that respondents trust referrals from the people they know and make purchases much more inclined;
  • enhance shopping audience loyalty thanks to the reward offers;
  • enrich client database as refer-a-friend programs guide the new referral customers with high lifetime value.


Feature Highlights

Refer a Friend Section

The ‘Refer a Friend’ section lets shoppers create and send referral links or share the popular sharing icons for inviting their friends. The detailed rule explanation helps users to implement corresponding actions properly.

Reward Management

The module allows vendors to manage rewards defining the conditions for reward assigning and spending. More to that, merchants are able to hold the program up provided that rewards are still available for spending. Finally, in the event of refund the rewards went back to brand ambassadors.

Email Options

The way customer referral program participants are notified about some status changes or new events is email. In the related section merchants are able to input the email of a person who is considered as a sender and choose the appropriate email templates based on the email intended purpose.

Program Performance

Both brand advocates and admins access the statistics on how the refer-a-friend program works. The Advocate grid provides the performance statistics for merchants. Brand advocates can explore the statistics in the referral program section.

Welcoming Popup

The new referrals can be welcomed with the popup which content is derived from a Magento static block. 

Restriction Setting

The admins can select which customer groups are eligible to participate in customer referral programs. Thus, it’s possible to set that all registered customers or only registered customers who already made purchases can invite their friends.

Easy-to-implement Referral Rules

The module allows specifying how the rules will impact brand ambassadors and referrals. In this regard, the extension provides: a) one-time discount for referrals; b) cumulative reward spendings for brand ambassadors; c) protection from the sham usage of referral links. 



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Support Policy

Included technical support:

  • Magento Open Source (CE) version - 3 months of free technical support
  • Magento Commerce using on prem (EE) version - 3 months of free technical support 
  • Magento Commerce on Cloud (ECE) version -  3 months of free technical support  

Release Notes

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  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce on Cloud (ECE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    * Fixed issue when AdBlock affects RAF blocking processor.js on checkout page
    * Discount applies for an invalid referral link
    * Discount is awarded to guest-friends without validation


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Sandbox mode
    + An option to restrict applying discounts with other coupons
    + Multiselect for Order Status
    + Percent discount for advocate (cumulative)
    + Discount holding period
    * Fixed issue when a reward is not applied on a checkout page automatically
    * Whole discount is applied to Subtotal if "Maximum RAF Discount Which Can Be Applied to Subtotal" option is not specified


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    + Magento 2.3 compatibility
    + Web API enhancements
    * Corrected typo in GuestQuoteService.php file
    * Several email options have been renamed


  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2
  • Compatible with Commerce using on prem (EE) : 2.2
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:

    *Initial release


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