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Visual Product Search

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Accelx Inc, based in San Francisco, CA, is developing simple but innovative ways of integrating machine learning capabilities into e-commerce, both in existing and new websites. These enhance the onsite shopping experience and increase conversion by more than 12%. Our plug&play integration and simple configuration approach are the first in the industry. ML engines are in-built, so no machine learning expertise needed. Several innovations are also added for enhancing the shopping experience. 

Visual Product Search extension enables retail customers to easily and quickly find an item in a merchant’s website using the visual search engine. It allows customers to use an image of the product, without the need for text or data, and use it as a query to check if merchant already has visually identical or similar items in the inventory. The consumer usually struggles to describe items in text and textual search results don’t bring happy shopping experience most of the time. The textual search process can be iterative and time-consuming. Visual search solves this problem and offers outmost convenience and intuitive experience.  

Visual Product Search extension uses sophisticated AI technology in the background that can identify close to 94% top-5 accurate identical or similar product images in the inventory, and no prior knowledge of machine learning requirements in order to deploy or use the extension.

Once the Visual Product Search module is installed and configured in a merchant’s e-commerce site, a special floating icon called "Visual Product Search Icon" should appear on the page. This icon enables customers to visually search products in the site in 5 different ways. Clicking on the icon, a search window will appear.

In the search window, there are two tabs. In "Upload Image" Tab a customer can browse & upload a product image and search similar product in the site by clicking the "Search" button. In "Paste URL" Tab customer can paste product image link copied from other websites and search for similar products in the site by clicking the "Search" button. In both tabs, customer can also search for products by clicking on the icon images on the suggested images. This page can be configured for two different modes: 'Random' & 'Latest' product images. Search similar products by clicking on the icon.

The fifth mode of visual search is by taking a photo of a product (using a camera) and search for similar products. This is automatically enabled on mobile devices.


Account & Pricing:

An Accelx account is required and additional fees apply. The account is not created during extension installation. To first create an account, please visit the signup page. For more details on pricing, please visit the company payment page


Use Cases:

The plugin is suitable for use in websites containing products that consist of:

  • Apparels & Clothing accessories
  • Furniture & Upholster



  • Search By Uploading an Image
  • Search By Link of an image
  • Search By Existing Product’s Image
  • Search By searched result’s Image
  • Automatic Configuration of Product’s Image List with support for adding new products to the system as well as removing deprecated products.
  • Configurable Suggested product Settings
  • Continuous Observation of Logs in Admin Panel





(Username:admin   |  Password:admin@321!)

Technical Specifications

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Quality Report

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Installation & Varnish Tests


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Plagiarism Check


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Marketing Review


Manual Testing


All tests were conducted on the latest versions of Magento that existed for the compatible release lines at the moment of the extension submission. Latest versions of all other software were used, as applicable.

Release Notes

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